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Blogging: Engaging Your Target Audience

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The Digital age has seen a rise in challenge for businesses looking to engage their target audience through blogging. With the rise of smartphones, we have seen the human attention span dive to just 8 seconds. That’s less than that of a goldfish! Having said this, our ability to multitask has improved. We flick from post to post, tweet to tweet, app to app. The human brain has become more like a bouncy ball. All this means is that the human brain is a little more difficult to pin down than it used to be. We have become better at identifying what is interesting and what is not. Once we find content that we want to engage with, it does hold our attention. Herein lies the problems for business owners and marketers. What does this mean for business blogging? Well, you have just an 8 second window of opportunity within which to make an impact. If you do not hook your audience with your blog within that first 8 seconds, you will lose them. So, how exactly does a business hook its target audience? Here are a few blogging tips that every business can use: Imagery Neuroscientists at Massachusetts Institute of […]